The Rise In The Use Of E Cigarettes

E cigarettes have really taken hold as more and more people are finding them to be an acceptable alternate to tobacco cigarettes. For one thing, they do not have the harmful tars and carcinogenic materials that tobacco smoke has.

People originally used e cigs as a means of quitting tobacco smoking, because you can add nicotine to an e cig, and then taper it down on a gradual basis, so eventually you are inhaling zero nicotine. Evidently it works for many people.

The e cig is a hollow tube with a container in it that holds a glycol liquid that is atomized by a batter operated atomizer. It produces a vapor that can be inhaled and exhaled, just like smoke. In addition, different flavors can be added to the mix such as mint, menthol, cigarette flavor, lemon, lime, cherry, strawberry, chocolate, coffee, and other flavors

In essence, people can smoke, or ‘vape’ as people like to call it, and they evidently show that there are no side effects, even though regulators are now talking like the devices need to be regulated because no one really knows what is inside of them.

This stance might make sense on the surface, because a manufacturer could put just about anything in as an ingredient, even drugs, but at this point they are a whole lot safer that tobacco cigarettes.

One thing is for sure as well, in that major tobacco companies are certainly not letting this opportunity go by the wayside, either. Lolliard has already purchased Blu Cigs, an early leader in the marketplace, and there will probably be more movement in this direction as far as big tobacco getting involved.

There are now many different brands and varieties of this novel product, which certainly seems to be catching on in a big way.